ICWRM Project is a 15-year program supported by ADB’s Multi-tranche Financing Facility (MFF) with 4 tranches.

The first tranche will be approved in the 3rd quarter of 2008

It is designed to address the multiple and inter-related concerns of water supply sustainability and water quality degradation in the Citarum basin which supplies 80% of Jakarta’s water needs.

The Citarum River basin measures over 11,000 square kilometers and the Citarum River is about 270 kilometers in length.

There are 11 protected areas within the Citarum river basin

More than 9 million people, including the population in the provincial capital of the west Java, Bandung City, live in the basin.

Three large, multipurpose reservoirs from upstream to downstream (Saguling, Cirata, and Jatiluhur) in the basin regulate the water flow and are the main source of water supply in Jakarta City, through the West Tarum Canal.

The canal was constructed in the early 1970s, is 70 kilometers long, and can conduct 27 cubic meters (m3) per second of water. Jatiluhur irrigation system covers 240,000 hectares downstream of the Citarum River.

The Citarum River can carry the water about 12.95 billion m3 annually, consisting of 6 billion m3 from the Citarum River and 6.95 billion m3 from its tributaries.

Currently, more than 85% of the river water is used for irrigation and the rest is used for domestic and industry water supply.

Due to rapid development in the basin and Jakarta City, water shortage is expected in the near future



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